I need to rehome my animal.

Sadly it comes to a point through various circumstances that you may need to give your pet up for adoption. It makes sense to do this through a reputable rehoming charity such as ourselves. There are too many horror stories about selling your pet on the likes of Gumtree and them ending up in a very bad, often deadly situation.

We are a busy rescue and run at full capacity all the time so there is a waiting list for animals to come into our care for rehoming. If you need to give up your dog or cat for re-homing we ask you to fill in the appropriate form at the links below. That will put you on our waiting list and we will get your dog or cat in as soon as we possible can.

Once you are called you will be invited to take your dog or cat in for a quick assessment to see what sort of accommodation they will need. I.e can they live in a communal kennel or need single kennel space, we also need to assess their overall health and behaviour so we can provide the best care and accommodation while they are with us. We will try and take them in at the point of assessment, however sometimes if the kennel we had in mind isn’t suitable once assessed they may have to go back with you until we have the right kennel for the animal. At the end of the day its their care that matters so we must get this right.

So if you need to give over your pet for adoption please fill in the appropriate form below and once we have all your info and a space we will be in touch –

Dog Form

Cat Form