How to adopt an Animal

‘Thank You’ for wanting to adopt and help rescue animals.

If you are interested in adopting a dog you would normally be able to pop in and see us but due to COVID-19 restrictions we are only showing dogs and cats on a strict appointment system and after reviewing your form submission which can be accessed at the links below.

Apply to go on our Dog Wanted waiting list.

Apply to go on our Cat wanted list.

The first thing we always ask you to do is to fill in the form below to let us know all about you, the sort of dog or cat you are looking for and where it will live. This helps us build up a profile for you and match you to your perfect forever friend. If you are interested in adopting please fill in the form and we’ll be in touch as soon as we have a dog that matches your lifestyle.

We only hold these details for 2 months so let us know if you are still looking after this time has elapsed. Also please let us know if you find a dog elsewhere in the meantime and we will take you off our records.

When people buy their pet from someone who bred their animal/animals, be it for business, pleasure or accident, they have helped perpetuate the problem of too many animals, not enough homes, animal suffering and euthanasia.

Adopt….. Be a part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

Information to help you in your adoption.

Thank you for choosing to be a part of the solution & not the problem. Our dogs and cats may have been handed in by their owner who was no longer able to care for them or they may be strays. Our dogs could be ex-breeding or pound dogs saved from euthanasia.

  • Some of our dogs may be traumatized, they may have suffered physical abuse or may be stressed through the loss of their owner. They often need a lot of time spent on them so generally they are not suitable to be left for long periods of time. We believe that 4 hours is the maximum amount of time a dog should be left but for many of our dogs even this is too long. Puppies in particular benefit from not being left for long periods so please consider this before applying.
  • Please consider the age of the animal you want to adopt against your own age. Whilst we understand life holds no guarantees, we want the best for both animal and owner.
  • We do allow animals to be adopted to homes with children of all ages as long as the animal is suitable for that environment. We will discuss your circumstances and try to determine if the animal you are interested in will be suitable for your home, family, lifestyle and other pets.
  • If you already own a dog/cat that is not spayed/neutered we require that they be done unless they can’t be for health/age reasons.

About Adoption

  • Once you have found a dog/cat/rabbit you are interested in adopting, we will go through some questions in order to ascertain if we think the animal you are interested in is a suitable match for your lifestyle. We may suggest a different animal to you. Once it is agreed to go ahead with the adoption, a home check will be arranged. This will take place as soon as possible (usually within 7 days) so please be prepared to make yourself available to meet the home checker. Our home checkers are all either staff working outside of hours or volunteers, so depending on volunteer/staff availability depends on how long the process takes.
  • All members of the family and any dogs (if you are adopting a dog)  must come to meet the new pet you wish to join your family.
  • All dogs, cats and rabbits are neutered, micro chipped and wormed. Arrangements will be made for puppies or kittens to return for neutering before or around 6 months of age.
  • You are always welcome to come along for an informal visit, have a look around at all the animals here and even walk some dogs,
    So that we can see everyone efficiently and give you the best of our time, if you see a Dog or Cat you would like to re-home, we will ask you to make an appointment with one of our Animal Welfare Specialists. They will then dedicate time to telling you all about the dog or cat, let you properly meet them and make sure you are 100% right for each other.
    You can easily make an appointment during a visit, by phone or popping in to see us.

If you can’t find the dog or cat that you want immediately, please be prepared to wait. You are adding a new member to your family, another sentient being to share your life.

You are not buying a new car or sofa. It may take a little time and a lot of patience.

Where do funds go?

  • We spend a huge amount each year on vet treatments and supplies. All our adult dogs are neutered , have had at least the first inoculation, micro chipped and wormed.
  • If needed, we have x-rays, lab tests, specialist procedures and operations carried out and often numerous additional medicines and treatments are needed. Even a dental for a dog or cat will cost F.A.I.T.H between £300 and £600.
  • Utility costs are high.  Kennel & cattery heating, lighting around the center, washers and dryers, water treatment (we are not on the mains) & telephone and internet. There are costs involved in rubbish & waste removal, transportation, site & equipment maintenance and the list goes on….
  • Due to F.A.I.T.H being open to the public, having employees (needed as we house and home so many animals), volunteers, work experience candidates from schools and colleges, special needs group visits and activities, animal transportation and have off site fund raising events, our public and employee liability insurances are quite considerable. Obviously we have other insurances such as buildings and other expenses too.

We hope this will help everyone understand the huge cost of running this rescue and also let people see where their donations are spent.

We are a registered charity – OUR FUTURE IS IN YOUR HANDS.