F.A.I.T.H. is a progressive animal rescue centre, where animal welfare comes first. We believe that their mental health and well being are as important as their physical health.

Dogs are sociable animals so we have kennels where it is possible for the dogs to socialise and play together. You won’t see rows and rows of lonely stressed animals kennelled in isolation, as is often the case when visiting rescue centres, although we do have an isolation block for dogs awaiting health check clearance and veterinary treatment.

We also have a communal cat house which offers ‘home-from-home’ comforts with sofas, chairs, shelving with hidey holes and a large meshed run with climbing frame, a water feature and toys. We also have isolation cabins for those needing or preferring separate accommodation. These are state of the art enclosed in inclement weather and open sided when weather is fine. Cats are vaccinated not only against flu and enteritis, but also leukaemia.

We have a FULL neutering policy, puppies and kittens too young for neutering will return to be neutered at approximately 5 to 6 months.

All dogs and cats are wormed, vaccinated and micro chipped, and most leave with four weeks free pet insurance. Home checks are also carried out before anyone is allowed to adopt an animal.

We have a non-destruction policy, with exception to end suffering and then only on veterinary advice. No animal is “put to sleep” simply because it’s too old, too naughty or too difficult. If it’s age or behaviour make it impossible to re-home satisfactorily, then it will remain at F.A.I.T.H. for the rest of it’s life.

What we do


We help as many dogs as we can, all ages, breeds and temperaments. We will never turn a dog away if we have the space and time to help them, although we are at full capacity most of the time and often have a long waiting list too.


Rehabilitating dogs usually starts by neutering, vaccinating and treating any medical issues. We then assess each dog and if needed, train out any unwanted behaviours and teach them the wanted ones. We do also of course spend a lot of time simply giving lots of love, hugs, and cuddles.


The most rewarding part of our work – making sure we find the right person for our dogs, giving people all the information and training they need in order to give that dog the best chance at being happy and relaxed in their future homes.

Animals Booked to new home pending home check

Meet the team

Happily ever after

We came to visit Lassie, a 10 year old hound X, we were able to take her for a walk with our dog and my daughter, she’s amazing, a home visit was arranged for the same day and we collected Lassie the following day to bring back to her forever home. The staff were all friendly, we had a good chat with a few of them the first day we visited and the lady who did our home visit was also lovely. Thank you for the amazing work you do.

Becki Jane

Visited FAITH back in April this year and was matched to Drake (now Leo), a 10 month old crossbreed. I initially wanted an older female but I think Leo was a better match in hindsight as we already had a young female dog. He’s undertaken a lot of behavioural training since we rehomed him and is making lots of progress with his anxiousness. He is a very well behaved, calm dog considering he is still only young. He is my canicross partner and we have a few races coming up in the new year

Jenny Luna Rankin

We took our gorgeous boy Toffee home from you, and he’s settling in beautifully such a wonderful little chap and so loved!! You all do such an amazing job, very friendly and helpful – thank you for all you do finding ‘forever homes’ and working so hard xxx

Sam Louise Castleton

Caring for animals, nursing back to health, training and offering them a second chance in life. Informative and knowledgeable staff with voluntary support; dedication and loving from both! It’s the animals equivalent to ‘the moon on a stick’ often after sad circumstances or ill treatment.
Every donation counts however large or small…..I support them whole heartedly and will certainly raise awareness where I can.
Our new addition to the family unit is perfect; thanks again and thank you for being there for all those animals.

Anna Love

I went to Faith Rescue back in October 2006 to see if they had a little kitten for me to adopt, I ended up with 2, Mother and kitten of 8 weeks, Wendy and kitten they were called at the time as they were found in a wendy house, now named Holly and Josh, they are my absolute world and still going strong, I wouldn’t be without them, thank you so much to the Staff who were amazing, friendly and very caring towards the animals

Samantha Tungatt