F.A.I.T.H “Room to Grow” Vet Unit Campaign.

F.A.I.T.H Animal Rescue – Room to grow campaign.

We would like to ask for assistance or investment through your generous donations for Faith Animal Rescue to be able to fund its own in house Vet unit to expand on the level of animal care currently able to provide. Our vet bills are huge! Through studies and planning we have calculated that having an in house vet unit with our own vets working to the non profit charity standard will reduce our Veterinarian costs year on year allowing us to spend our already tight funds in other areas.

Our full campaign write up and funding page are here;

Go Fund Me – Vet unit Campaign for Faith Animal Rescue.

Please help wherever and however you can, we have cared for and rehomed thousands of animals over the years and to allow us to continue growing and provide a better more cost effective service the inhouse vet unit is the way forward.

Thank you and please share the cause!