dog rehomed

Sooty and Sweep Has a new home now :)

Sooty and Sweep are a pair of female cross breeds who are 4 months old. Sweep is all black except for her white toes and is the larger of the two. Sooty is all black except for white toes and bib and is the smaller of the two. Both are rough coat. We think they are terrier x whippet crosses and shouldn’t get too much bigger so they should grow to be medium sized dogs.

Both pups are fine with other dogs and are very playful. Older kids will be fine but smaller high energy children would wind them up too much which wouldnt work. They should be fine with cats but we will fully cat test if either was to potentially live with one. They are not house trained yet due to their age but that will come with training, they do walk on the lead well though.

These two can’t be homed together being litter sisters and we will only home them seperatly. If you have the right home for one of these pretty girls give us a call on 01692 598312 to discuss.