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Soldier is a one year old male smooth coat Border Collie. As is usual with the breed Soldier is very high energy and needs loads of exercise and stimulation.

Soldier is a very loving boy, eager to please but this can get out of hand if you let it and he will creep up to you and push on to your lap for a hug to get his own way. Kept in check this is not a problem but he can get jealous of other dogs asking for his peoples attention. He is generally good with other dogs other than the jealousy and this is generally shown against other male dogs. He could live well with a female as he has no problem with them and has proven so in a foster home.

Soldier can get separation anxiety due to his loving nature so really needs a home where he would be with his owner all day every day or as much as possible. The more time spent with him the better he will get, he’s not a bad dog, just needy. He would be fine living with children as he is very playful but we would recommend he was not homed with smaller children due to his size and potential to knock them over.

Soldier really needs to go to a home of an active family who would enjoy his playful silly nature. He would train really well as an obedience dog as he naturally clings to your leg! He is strong on the lead now so this is also a consideration, this can be trained but the new owner will need to understand this and work on it.

He travels well in the car and is clean in the house. He loves to play with toys and balls and is a really fun dog.

He MUST go to a home with good, proven Border Collie experience and we will only home him to such a home. He really is a lovable young lump, he just needs the right owner to steer him in the right direction.