dog rehomed

Otis Has a new home now :)

Otis is looking for the right forever home. He is a 1 year old Male Fox Terrier crossed with a Parsons Jack Russel. He’s very lively and very trainable. Otis is excellent with other dogs and would be ok to live with a confident cat.
Otis needs a home with someone who has knowledge and experience of the breed, someone who is prepared to put boundaries in place and enforce them. He has bitten in his previous home but he has never bitten in the kennel environment. He is very happy and friendly to all the staff.
Bone Breath Boarding / Behaviour Service kindly took him home for some training in the home and after initially trying to bite he very quickly learned not to with the rules she had put in place for him.
If you think you have the perfect home for Otis please fill in the application for at the following link, if you have already filled in a form and want to be considered please let us know in the comments below.…/