dog rehomed

Mouse Has a new home now :)

Little Mouse is a gorgeous Chihuahua x Terrier, she is approx 2 years old and is a feisty, fun little girl.

Mouse is fine with older kids but does not like small toddler size kids as their energy winds her up the wrong way. She gets over excited at times but is also VERY cuddly. Basically she needs to be treated more like a big dog.

Little mouse is OK with other dogs and currently shares a kennel with Spot the Terrier and they are great friends. She could only live with another male dog though.

Mouse would suit life with an older couple as an only pet rather well and would lap up the attention, only need short walks and play time. Owners would however need to be careful she didn’t end up ruling the roost as can be typical with this breed.

have you got the right home for wee Mouse? If so call us on 014692 598312 to make an appointment.