dog rehomed

Mollie Has a new home now :)

Molly the Collie is a really sweet 6 year old female. As is usual with the breed she is a fairly high energy dog but is also content to lie at your feet and have a snuggle. Mollie is house trained which is a plus point and can be left for a few hours on her own no problem.

Molly really must live with an active person who lives on their own as she can get very jealous of partners etc once she forms a bond with people. She is a very loyal loving dog but you must know how to manage this. You must have Border Collie experience and a good knowledge of the breed and their needs is good.

Mollie walks really well on the lead and enjoys long wanders in the countryside, Mollie is good with other dogs and will happily walk along side others, she will do the Collie prowl when she sees another dog coming and can snap as they walk past so this needs to be monitored carefully, we have been training her away from this behaviour but it is a work in progress.

Molly can get scared at things like TV and other noises that she doesn’t seem to understand so will need to be slowly introduced to these sort of things. Travelling in the car can also stress her but again the more she did it the easier it would get with proper training.

Mollie is such a lovely girl and deserves a loving home so if you feel you can give her that then get in touch with us on 01692 598312.