dog rehomed

Delta Has a new home now :)

Delta is a stunning female tri coloured Saluki X. She is a super playful 4 year old and is great fun to be around.

She is totally fine with other dogs and loves to play out in the communal yard with the others. She is also friendly towards cats but we suspects she would chase a cat that run purely down to her breed and instinct.

Delta is also fine around children, we would just say to be careful around small children in case they got knocked over during play. She is also nearly house trained but has the occasional accident, generally she is very clean in her kennel though. She can be left for a few hours if needed. We were told that she may chew wood but we have not seen evidence of that here.

Can you give Delta a forever home? If you feel you can and meet her needs call us on 01692 598312 to arrange an appointment.