Two Love
There was a little pig, who was on the loose in Lound,
A funny little fella, he’d been drawing quite a crowd.
He would happily follow people, when walking with their dogs,
Though they didn’t think it was – the right place for hogs.
So they phoned all the people, that they thought they rightly should,
Which didn’t get them anywhere – so wasn’t any good.
Now it was left to them – to finish the rescue they’d begun,
As little pig was getting thin and burning in the sun.
They had to do something, to save him from his plight,
And they got him into a horse-box, without to  much of a fight.
They rung around to find somewhere to keep poor piggy safe,
It wasn’t very long before he was arriving here at F.A.I.T.H.
Such a poorly little fella, to our vets he had to go,
Where they found an internal abscess, that nobody did know.
It took him quite some time to get over his operation,
But he made a full recovery on all his medication.
We asked our facebook followers, to give our pig a name,
Rather topically they chose, Murry, the winner from Dunblane.

Painting the future
When I was a little girl, I said to my Dad
“I really want a Dulux dog, I’ve seen them in the Ad.”
Dad then replied to me with some very good advice
“I’ve seen them too in Silk and Gloss, but the Matt is not so nice!
Some dogs need a lot of time, others needs are less
One should choose a dog that suits their lifestyle best.
It doesn’t really matter, his look or pedigree
Champion or Mutt, both give love and loyalty.”
He pondered for a moment then he added with a grin,
“Sometimes it is more about what you can do for him.”
Since then I’ve had many a dog of every shape and size,
I still remember my Dad’s words, they were very wise.

Cat? Dog? – Both!
It isn’t a home with no cat about,
Who wants to come in and once in go out.
A home needs a dog, I think you’ll agree,
As they both behave so differently.
Dog when it’s called is straight into view,
Cat takes a message and gets back to you.
Dog when you work is right at your feet,
Cat’s on your work with intention to sleep.
Dog looks at you, wants a walk or a game,
If cat’s on your lap – you can’t move, what a shame.
Dog believes in all that you do,
If it’s not good – cat sees straight through.
Dog looks up with unconditional love,
Cat looks down from somewhere above.
It’s such a great privilege to own a dog,
But what an honour to be owned by a Mog!