Staff Dog Training Session

We recently had one of our Staff Training sessions with some of our dogs up in the Faith Sand School. We use these sessions to further educate staff on dog handling and dog training. Its also brilliant stimulation for some of our dogs that get the chance to participate. The dogs certainly enjoyed their little […]

Gerty’s story, a foster adventure with Gemma

Working at F.A.I.T.H we have a duty of care to all our animals around the clock, a vital part of this care is the rehabilitation of some of the dogs such as those that we rescue from puppy farms and other horrible situations. Gerty is a beagle that came to us from a puppy farm […]

Faiths 25th year!

This year celebrates Faiths 25 year. We would like to celebrate our success stories by creating a huge photo wall of our success stories. This is where YOU come in…. Have you found your forever friend through Faith by adopting one of our animals? If so can you send us a photo by post so […]

Dogs are dying for our help, Help us – Help them!

F.A.I.T.H. help many different dogs, for many different reasons and with many different needs. There are dogs that lose their home through no fault of their own, a strange term really since no dog is homeless through it’s own fault.  Simply put ‘No fault of it’s own’ means it has no serious issues or behaviour […]

Bath Time for Rockstar

Our resident Labradoodle Rocky gets a bath ( if he had it his way he would have one every day!)