Gerty’s story, a foster adventure with Gemma

Working at F.A.I.T.H we have a duty of care to all our animals around the clock, a vital part of this care is the rehabilitation of some of the dogs such as those that we rescue from puppy farms and other horrible situations.

Gerty is a beagle that came to us from a puppy farm and had no real experience of life outside the walls where she was kept as a breeding money machine..

Gerty initially spent a long time in the kennels here at Faith being socialised and cared for. Giving her what she needs to move to life in a nice caring forever home.

Gemma one of our Animal Care Assistants volunteered to take Gerty on as a foster dog for a time to get her used to living in an actual house. Here’s Gemma’s report on how Gerty adjusted over the space of a month;

“I have had Gerty living with me for just over a month now and have loved every minute. She is a 6 year old Beagle. Gerty came from a puppy farm where she was used for breeding. For this reason she can sometimes be quite nervous and scatty when doing new or seeing new things (swans were a very scary encounter).

She is the sweetest little girl and so easy to care for! She is very easy going and loves her crate which gives her security and where she will happily relax most of the day and night. Gerty loves a fuss and especially loves belly rubs and will often flop onto her back and give you the puppy dog eyes to ask for some fuss. Whilst looking after Gerty we went on many different exciting walks from beaches to woodland walk. One of her favourite activities on a walk is to run around and find as many new and different smells as she can.

She will happily greet other dogs but if they come across too boisterous she will put them in their place. I have not let her off lead as we have not had time to work on her re-call training, however I feel like once she has established a bond with her owner off-lead walking could be a possibility for her.

Gerty is as good as gold in the house. She does not beg for food and is fully crate trained. Gerty is not fully house trained yet and will still have the odd accident, sometimes when she’s left alone she will wee in her bed. She loves treats and chews and is not a fussy eater.” She is a lovely dog and deserves her forever home.

As you can see Gerty has come a LONG way in our time with us and she is just a single case. ALL our staff go above and beyond what would be considered normal working hours for the care of the Animals because at the end of the day we care deeply about their well being.

F.A.I.T.H … For Animals In Trouble theres Hope.

Can you give one of our animals their forever home and the quality life they deserve? If you cant rehome an animal you can help in lots of other ways from helping us walk the dogs, volunteering for a day, donating bedding, food or anything pet related or donating some money or a legacy in your will to help with the running costs of F.A.I.T.H Animal Rescue

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