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That Doggy in the Window…

Puppy farming in Romania for export to this country has increased by 1050% already.  If puppy farmers of Ireland and Wales are cruel, and there is horrific cruelty, what name can describe the Eastern European puppy exploiters and exporters!? Why are British dog lovers supporting the puppy  farming industry?

The sad truth is that if people cannot get the pet dog they want immediately from a rescue centre, they will turn to the internet and buy a puppy or ex-breeding dog from a puppy farmer, hence creating demand.  In general, people will buy from a dubious person or place to get the dog they want.  Oh, they will moan if things go wrong, but if the dog is OK they will tell people how they rescued it from some horrid barn/shed/person etc.  They have in reality added to the breeders profits, helped to ensure the miserable existence of the puppy’s parents, and perpetuated the puppy farm industry or encouraged individuals to exploit dogs.

A pure bred pup from a breeder will not be cheap.  The breeder will have a keen interest in the breed and limited litters of pups from their bitch or bitches, you may have to wait.  There will be displays of rosettes and photos from shows and/or working trials.  You will be encouraged to interact with the pups and will be asked many questions, you may be expected to allow a home check.  You will know if you are buying from a person who has a genuine interest in the breed or a person with an interest in money.  There are no excuses.  If you are buying a posh crossbred pup, the motive in breeding them is profit.  There is no bloodline, coat or type to work to, in most cases anything goes and it goes for a big profit too.  But the biggest price is paid by the millions (yes millions) of dogs that are destroyed and those that exist in puppy farms or with back street breeders.  Ultimately the dogs pay with their miserable lives.