These two are a real story of how love can change everything. Domino (4yrs, black & white) came into our care a couple of months ago. He lived with older children and was a very well cared for family cat, however, unfortuantely put in a cattery environment he quickly become severly stressed. He was very unhappy and a very difficult cat to care for. He would hide in his bed 24/7, eating very little, launching himself through the cat flap and window at anyone who passed by. We all thought he was a lost cause, worse than any feral cat who had passed through our doors. We managed to catch him, get him castrated and moved him from the main cattery into our ‘cat house’. Here, he had much more space, Classic FM, a Feliway plug in and lots of places to hide but unfortunately he was still stressed. He began to overgroom himself and developed bald patches on his back. The Cat House gave us more space to get him used to people but he would still hiss and growl. Then we get to Girlie (4yrs, tri col). Girlie came in as a stray, went to a home but was returned a few days later due to no fault of her own. It was our last resort, but due to lack of space in the cattery we decided to put her in the Cat House with Domino. She spent the first few days mainly outisde and they didn’t make much contact, but a couple of weeks ago we arrived to find them both outside playing!!
Domino began to rub himself around our legs, jump on the sofa with us and ev
en started coming up for a fuss.
Fast forward to today and this is where we are at – Domino came running out of the door as soon as he heard me open the gate, he jumped straight up on my legs as soon as I sat down and was purring so loudly. I’d be lying if I said this didn’t bring a tear to my eye. These two are now looking for a home together in an adult only household. Potential owners need to be prepared that Domino may well go backwards a few steps, but so long as he has his girlfriend and a quiet, paitient, rural home, he should come round much quicker than before. If you have any questions, please call us for more information and ask to speak to Katie.



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